Parenting Tips: Dental care

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What is the main goal (s) of this class?

Each student will access the website and find key points of interest on various subjects concerning dental care.  The main goal is to have parents understand that they can get answers to basic questions about dental care on the internet. 


What steps (objectives) do you need to achieve the main goals? What instructional strategies will you use? 

Teaching Objectives

Activities (Instructional Strategies)



Understand that oral health begins at birth and continues throughout life

Each student will access the website on their own.  After pulling up the site they will maneuver around it and answer the following questions pertaining to 6 of the 12 specialty topic areas.   


A message for new parents


Oral health for children age birth to 3


Oral health for children 3 - 6


Oral health for children 6 - 12


Oral health for women 




"Welcome to about  smiles"


How did the website activities contribute to student learning?

Parents answered the following questions:

·         When should they start taking their child to the dentist?

·         Does anything help teething?

·         How does diet effect your child’s teeth?

·         Is thumb sucking bad for my child’s teeth?


The website allowed the students to get more information pertaining to these questions.  It also helped emphasize how important it is to take care of your teeth at an early age.


What changes or additions to the activities would improve the lesson?

A model of a mouth and teeth would be a great asset to this lesson.  With a model the parents and students could hold the teeth and demonstrate to each other how they should hold and brush their teeth.

Was the goal achieved? How do you know, i.e. what could the students do or do better as a result of the lesson?

All of the students (with the exception of one new student) were able to pull up the website and access the information.   The students were able to fill out the handout and answer the various oral health questions.

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