Lesson 4 -  Learning English at Home

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Website: www.english-at-home.com

 What is the main goal (s) of this class?

Allow the students to learn English at their own pace.  This site also allows students to post any questions they may have pertaining to the English language and an expert will reply to them.  Students can sign up to obtain a penpal.  This will allow the individual to practice their writing skills.


What steps (objectives) do you need to achieve the main goals? What instructional strategies will you use?

Teaching Objectives

Activities (Instructional Strategies)

Est Time


Understand how to play the games and listen to English live radio.

Each student will access the website independently.  After pulling up the site they will maneuver around each of the following areas until they feel comfortable using it.

Grammar: Have students locate articles and determine what grammar rule one and two are.


Tenses & Verbs: correct tenses / routine or temporary      


Vocabulary: using "do"


Idioms: Food idioms "apple of some ones eye"


Real life: Going to the doctor


Games: matching / opposites. 




How did the website activities contribute to student learning?

This website combines fun games and activities with basic English lessons.  The day after the lesson plan had been completed students were still talking about it and how they were using it at home.  The various activities were great in the classroom setting; it allowed students to work through at their own pace.


Was the goal achieved? How do you know, i.e. what could the students do or do better as a result of the lesson?

All of the students (with the exception of one new student) were able to pull up the website and access the information.   All of the students who participated understood how to manipulate the website and find the activities and games that are available.  Even students who are less advanced with computers and English understood the grammar layout and played the games.


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