Lesson 3 - State Abbreviations

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Website: www.quia.com/dir

 What is the main goal (s) of this class?

During this session each student will practice the names of the fifty states and match them up properly with their two letter state code.  

Key terms:  Names of the states


What steps (objectives) do you need to achieve the main goals? What instructional strategies will you use?

Teaching Objectives

Activities (Instructional Strategies)

Est Time

Actual Time


Practice the proper pronunciation


Learn the various states and their two letter codes


Students will familiarize themselves with the website  

Read and repeat the names of all the fifty states.  Have each student write the name of the state and the two letter code that coincides with it.



Match the northeastern states with their two letter abbreviation.  Use both the matching game and flashcards.



Students will go to the directory and pull up various other activities that are available on this site.  All students will pull up the ESL (English as a Second Language) section and pick one or two of the twenty various activities.       



























Handout (Names of states and     two letter codes)

How did the website activities contribute to student learning?
This activity allows the student to become familiar with several of the northeastern states and their two letter codes.   Since the students have recently visited the post office this activity continues the lesson for those students interested in sending letters to anyone in the lower 48.      
Was the goal achieved? How do you know, i.e. what could the students do or do better as a result of the lesson?
All of the students successfully matched the states with the appropriate two letter code.  Everyone played the matching game several times.  Several students commented on how much they enjoyed this website.  The students especially enjoyed the ESL section.      

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