Lesson 1 -  Introduction to Computers

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Website:  www.gcflearnfree.org

 What is the main goal (s) of this class?

Students will be able to access a website, logon, enter password, find activities. And logoff

Key words to learn: computers, mouse, tower case, keyboard, monitor, screen, icon, cursor, email, scroll, next, previous, cancel, and password. 


What steps (objectives) do you need to achieve the main goals? What instructional strategies will you use?

Teaching Objectives

Activities (Instructional strategies

Actual Time

Materials Non-Standard

Turn on computers 



Recognize names and parts of computer







Sign up for membership 




Learn how to get to course lessons


Log off


All students enter lab with computers turned off: show student how to turn on monitor and computer.    


Students have previously been shown pictures of the: mouse, keyboard, CPU, monitor, etc. (see vocabulary words).

Ask questions such as: Where is the mouse? Where is the keyboard? Can we see anything on the monitor? What does it look like?  

Each student will learn how to log on, pick a password and become a member of gcflearnfree.org 

Students will be advised on how to work the self paced instructions.  Following the instructions, each student will work in the section called computer basics.












How did the website activities contribute to student learning?

Most of the students have never worked with computers prior to entering the classroom.  This activity allowed the students to become familiar with the very basics of the computer.  This particular website will allow the students to teach themselves various lessons on the computer at their own pace.    

What changes or additions to the activities would improve the lesson?

This lesson plan was designed to show students the very basics.  For the student who does not have a home computer or the opportunity to work on the website on their own, the one hour time frame is not enough time to go through the whole site.  Gcflearnfree.org has a lot of information and will take the average student several hours to manipulate.

Was the goal achieved? How do you know, i.e. what could the students do or do better as a result of the lesson?
At the end of the session each student could turn on their computers, pull up the gcflearnfree.org web-site, type in their membership name and pass word and get into the main course lesson plans.   

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