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Volunteers Help with Employment Skills



(Fall 2003)

The intermediate/advanced ESL class at Mejorando el Futuro is a participant in the EL Civics (English Language Civics) grant administered by Portland Community College.  The curriculum includes Crossroads Cafe, a video series for learning English.  The first episode is entitled "Opening Day" and addresses employment skills.  After viewing the episode parents identified the goals they wanted to  work on as a class.  These included how to look for a job, where to get job training, how to fill out job applications, and how to talk about skills and previous experience in an interview.

After filling out practice applications and practicing an interview in class, we invited two volunteers from our community, Tiffany Cooke and Sheila O'Malley,  to help us with mock interviews.  We also enlisted the help of David Skarra, who teaches the beginning ESL class at Mejorando el Futuro.

Our sincere thanks to these volunteers for giving their time to help us!


Tiffany Cooke interviews Juana Martinez.

Tiffany is a student at Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR, majoring in psychology.  Last fall she volunteered in our children's preschool as well as our beginning ESL class.  This term she is studying in Ecuador.  We miss her already!


Sheila O'Malley interviews Guadalupe Ramirez.

Sheila lives in Hillsboro, OR and is very involved with another program in our Collaborative, Adelante Mujeres.  She is on their Board of Directors and works with fundraising and membership. 

We're glad they are willing to share her with us!


David Skarra interviews Yesenia Rodriguez.

David teaches the beginning ESL class at Mejorando el Futuro.  In addition to teaching, he runs two businesses. His experience as a businessman is a great help to students.