A Colorful Guest

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Meet Molly!

She is a blue-fronted Amazon parrot belonging to Diane McClure. 

Molly visited Mejorando el Futuro last fall at the invitation of David Skarra, ESL teacher. Parents, children, and teachers all had a great time meeting her.

Molly's repertoire is quite impressive:  She can whistle "Bridge on the River Kwai", sing opera as well as "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" and other songs.  Diane says she talks up a storm when left alone. 

Although Molly was not in a performing mood when she visited us, it was a real treat to see such a beautiful bird.

This experience provided a way for the children to make the connection between literacy and real life.  Back in the classroom, the preschool children talked about their experience and wrote  thank-you notes.