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In October, 2004, students from Adelante Mujeres took part in a restoration project at Gotter Bottom in Scholls, Oregon. This opportunity was provided by the Tualatin Riverkeepers, a "community-based organization working to protect and restore Oregon's Tualatin River system through public education, access to nature, citizen involvement, and advocacy." 

One of the program goals for Adelante Mujeres is to "Increase environmental awareness leading to a sustainable economy and a healthy universe."  We were glad to have this opportunity to work toward this goal.

Our guide for this workday was Monica (far right in photo).  We would like to thank her for sharing her time, knowledge, and experience with us.  For more information, visit their website:



               Back in class, the we wrote about our experience:

We went to Gotter Bottom. This used to be a farm where they grew pumpkins and potatoes, but sometimes the river filled the area, so this was not a good place to grow vegetables. Now it is a wetland.   We saw a California tree frog. Monica told us that this frog used to be endangered, but now it is not.


Monica showed us plants that are not native to Oregon. They make it hard for native plants to grow. We need  native plants because they can absorb pollution from the ground, and this helps keep the water clean. Monica gave us shovels and we dug up the nonnative plants.   We also learned that trees are important for the river. They help keep the water cool, so the fish can live. After we finished our work, we ate lunch. Then we returned to class to study math.