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October 2003

Parents in the English class at Mejorando el Futuro~Making a Better Future read the story of The Little Red Hen. After discussing the story, parents shared how their children help at home.  Each family received a copy of the book in Spanish to read at home  They invited their children to draw pictures of how they help their family.  With their children's permission parents brought the drawings to class. 


Lorena likes to help at home by sweeping and picking up the living room.

Le gusta ayudar en casa barriendo y arreglando la sala.

Lorena Magdaleno, age 5



This is Yelitza and her mother.

"We are making a sandwich and we have pieces of bread in our hands. On the table there is ham, cheese, and mayonaise."


". . . traemos en las manos pedazos de pan . . . en la mesa habia jamon, queso, mayonesa."


Yelitza Espinosa, age 5


Joel Cervantes is 6 years old.  He helps his mother, Juana, at home.


"Joel y yo estamos lavando los platos."

"Joel and I clean the plates."

Juana Gutierrez    



 "Toda la familia esta ayudando a limpiar la casa."

"The whole family is helping clean the house."

Noemi Cervantes, age 10