Adelante Mujeres

Holistic Education and Entrepreneurship Project


Celebrating the passion, power and potential

of low-income women


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It is difficult to capture the spirit of the word "adelante".  It means move forward, go ahead, rise up, flourish.  Mujeres means women.

Adelante Mujeres invites women to believe in themselves and move forward.



"There are things that hold us back,

but then we tell ourselves that everything is possible

and we know we must move forward."                        

                                                                                Guadalupe Caselin, parent


Who We Are


Adelante Mujeres is a non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic education and empowerment of low-income Latina women and their families.  The women of Adelante Mujeres commit themselves to five hours of classes daily, five days a week.  They also commit themselves to participation in a group effort of cooperation, accountability and non-violent conflict resolution.  Developing an awareness and appreciation of the inter-relatedness of all life in the universe is part of their participation, as well.



Our Goals

  1. Provide holistic education, workforce development, and entrepreneurial training

  2. Build community and seek solutions to common concerns.

  3. Increase environmental awareness leading to a sustainable economy and a healthy universe.

  4. Preserve, foster, and share Latino cultural heritage with the wider community.


Our Curriculum includes

Family Literacy


Adelante Mujeres participates in a federally funded Even Start Family Literacy Collaborative and incorporates the instruction, activities, and philosophy of Even Start with all of its participants.  This includes classes in parenting skills, family relationships, a full-time preschool during class hours, and literacy building activities with mothers and children together.  It also includes assisting and encouraging the parents in learning how to claim their place as primary educators of their children through literacy activities in the home.


  "This is such a beautiful moment in my life, an experience I never imagined I would have."

                                                                    Micaela Ortiz, parent


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We invite you to learn more about Adelante Mujeres. Contact us at:

2527 Pacific Ave

Forest Grove, OR 97116