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Tutorial 4 - Using the NW LINCS Site

Links that are different from the National LINCS Page: 

What’s New – Listing of new items on the page and new happenings in the NW region.

About Us – Contact Information and the services we offer to the region

Programs and Activities – Regional Activities and programs of interest for the region

Showcase – The best pages from each state and from other Regional LINCS Centers.

Links & Directories – International, National & State Links to Literacy information. Also listed are links to various general sources of literacy resources.

State Links – A listing of the states in the region and homepages for each.

NW LINCS Regional Areas:

Regional Room – Regional information consisting of:  

Teacher/Classroom Resources:
Lesson Plans Update Pages for: GED & EL-Civics Classroom Guides
Teacher ToolBox Software Review Promising Practices
Instructor Designed Software Community Education Funding Ideas Literacy Volunteers
Student Study Place Successful Student  Career Place
Classroom Guides  Software used in the NW  
Technology Information Pages
Technology Page  Did you know How To
Software Review Software Review
Regional Information
NW LINCS Services NW LINCS Web Conferencing NW Reviewed Resources

Literacy Volunteers of the Northwest

Virtual Sites Visits
NW LINCS Training Page
National LINCS Overview EFF Awareness Integration of Technology
NW LINCS Overview How Can LINCS Help? Technology Issues in Adult Basic Education
 Putting it all together

Online/Printable LINCS Resources

Forms. Surveys, Evaluations
Needs Assessments Software Review Guide Student Survey
Barriers to Technology Survey

NW LINCS Workshop Evaluation

Help Using NW LINCS
LINCS Online NW LINCS Help NW LINCS Tutorials

Google LINCS System Search - Search function by Google to quickly find resources in The LINCS system & across the web.

Site Translation - A web service that translates any web site to various other languages. Also will translate phrases. 

Exploring What’s New on the NW LINCS Page

Select What’s New

Here you find:


NW States What's New links - Each link will tale you to the State's What's New Page.

New Additions for the Month - New items updated each month on the NW Site.

Categories - take you to different listings found on this page.

Some questions that can be answered from this page:

 What is the new with the LINCS project?

1.      Select the NW LINCS category.

2.      Scroll down until you see the NW LINCS Project Title.

3.      Read about what is happening at the NW LINCS project.

4.      Note there is a link to email the project.

5.      Scroll down to the Back to Top link

6.      Select Back to Top.

 What has been added to the NW LINCS page during the month?

Each month items added to the site will be listed here. In this way you will not have to search to find new entries.  

  1. Select a month to review what new resources were added.
  2. Explore a new resource.
  3. Return to the What's New page.
  4. Return to the NW LINCS Home Page.

Explore this page each month to see what has been added to the NW LINCS site.


Exploring About us

1.      Select About Us from the left navigation buttons. 

Categories for this page are listed under the About Us title. These links take you to different listing on the About Us page. 

Some questions that can be answered from this page: 

What type of services does NW LINCS Project provide?

  1. Select Services
  2. Read about the services offered.

Who is on staff for the NW LINCS Project?

  1. Scroll down to view the staff of the NW LINCS Project
  2. Press the control key and home button at the same time. This will take you to the top of the page. If not scroll to the top of the page.

What is the purpose of the NW LINCS Project?

  1. Select Purpose, read about why the purpose of the LINCS project.
  2. Scroll to the top of the page.

Who can you contact in each state to learn more about the NW LINCS Project?

  1. Select State Specialist from the categories.
  2. Note your state's training specialist and note that you can contact them from this page. Click on their name and this will open an email window for you to contact them.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the NW LINCS Bottom at the bottom.

Exploring Programs and Activities

  • Select Programs and Activities from the navigation menu on the left of the page.

What programs are being implemented regionally?

1.      Select each state link to view the progress of the Quality Initiative.

2.      On each page select back to return to the Programs and Activities Page

Exploring the Showcase

·        From the Program and Activities page select the Showcase button.

Here you find the best of the best web pages from each state and Regional LINCS Centers.

  • Select each link to view the pages.
  • When done select back to return to the Showcase page.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select NW LINCS button.

Exploring Links & Directories

Select The Links & Directory button on the left navigation menu.

Under the Links & Directories title are categories for this page.

Some questions that can be answered on this page: 

What National Sites are on this page?

  1. Scroll down the page to the National Search sites.
  2. Browse through the links to discover what links are available.
  3. Select NWREL’s Library in the Sky.
  4. Select the Teachers’ tab and explore what is located on this page.
  5. When you are finished return to the NW LINCS page by selecting the back button on the browser.
  6. Scroll up to the top of the page.
  7. Return to the NW LINCS Home Page.

Exploring the NW LINCS Regional Room

Exploring the Regional Room

  1. Select Regional Room.


Teacher/Classroom Resources

Check out the links under Teacher, Classroom Information. They are links to lesson plans, classroom activities and full curriculum in many areas. 

GED Update & GED Classroom Guide

This page contains the latest news of GED information for the Region. Check here often to view the latest news and events for GED.   Lesson Plans are also listed on this page.

  1. Select GED Update News
  2. Scroll down to view the information.
  3. Select any category to move quickly to that section or scroll at your leisure down the page.
  4. Select back on the Browser to return to the Regional Room page.
  5. Select Classroom Guides. This page is designed to use directly from the classroom with students. Explore each link on this page.
  6. Select Back on the Browser to return to the Regional Room.

Lesson Plans

  1. Select Lesson Plans

  2. Scroll down to the categories.

  3. Select a category of lesson plans you would like to view.

  4. Select a lesson plan. Investigate the lesson.

  5. Return to the Lesson Plan page.

  6. Return to the Regional Room, select back on the Browser.

Teacher ToolBox

This page is designed for the teacher. Found here are everyday links that will help a teacher manage their busy day. 

  1. Select Teacher ToolBox

  2. Select the links that interest you. Explore and discover the page.

  3. Get to know this page and send suggestions to improve it. 

  4. Use the email link at the top of the page to send your thoughts or ideas to us.

  5. Return to the Regional Room.

Student/Classroom Resources

Student Study Place

This page is designed for the student in or out of class. The page can be used as a classroom tool or the student may access the page to practices skills they are learning.


  1. Select Student Study Place

  2. Select 45 Student Activities and Tutorials for this page.

  3. Browse the page.

  4. Select back on the Browser

  5. Browse the student page.

  6. Select some links to explore the page.

  7. Select the email link at the top of the page and give your thoughts on the page.

  8. Return to the Regional Room.


Technology Information

Technology Page

This page is designed to answer your technology questions. There is a link on the page to send questions to the NW LINCS staff. If you have a question now, please select this link, ask your question and send it to us.

  1. Select Technology Page.
  2. Scroll down the page to see the Categories listed for the Technology page.
  3. Select Basic Computers.  
  4. Select a link of interest. Explore this link.
  5. Return the top of the Technology Page.
  6. Return to the Technology Information Page (select back on your browser)

How to

  1. Select How to.
  2. Read the Introduction.
  3. Send us a How to question; we love to answer tough onesJ
  4. Scroll down and select a How to.
  5. Let us know what you think, by sending us a comment using Contact Us.
  6. Select back on the browser to return to the Regional Room page.

NW Region Information

Virtual Tours

Virtual Site Visits is a Graphics tour of the region’s literacy sites.

Each link will have a graphic display of sites visited by NW LINCS.

Explore these links to get to know other literacy practitioners in the region.

When finished select the Northwest LINCS button at the bottom of the page.

Select Regional Room.   

Volunteer Page

Select Volunteers.

 Each link will take you to a Volunteer Literacy Page.

  1. Select Oregon.
  2. Select Oregon Literacy.
  3. Read about the services offered by this agency.
  4. Select back on the Browser to return to the Volunteer page.  
  5. Select Washington.
  6. Select Tacoma Community House Training Project.
  7. Read about the program and services.
  8. Select back on the Browser to return to the Volunteer page.
  9. Select Resources.
  10. Select Tutor Tips for Tutors by Debra Sea. Quick lesson ideas are available each month.
  11. Select back twice on the Browser to return to the Regional page.

NW LINCS Training Page

LINCS Online


This is an online course to help you learn the LINCS system. It is a self paced course and designed to allow you to learn the system at your leisure. 


  1. Scroll down to Help Using LINCS.

  2. Select LINCS Online

  3. You may register for this course for feedback from us or you may take it n your own.

  4. Select Course Documents to begin using this course.

  5. Return to the Regional Room.

NW LINCS Surveys, Forms and Evaluations

Needs Assessments

  1. Select Needs Assessment.
  2. Read the introduction and then scroll down and select the appropriate needs assessment for your position.
  3. Fill in the questionnaire and then select submit.

Thank you J

  1. Select Back on the Browser.
  2. Select Back to the Regional Room.

That concludes this tour. All of the other links on this page are the same as the National Page. We hope you have enjoyed this tour and we hope that you will return to your page many times in the future. Please contact us if there is anything you would like added to the page. 

Karen Brees



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