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Tutorial 3 - Using the Unique Features of the LINCS System

You decide to investigate Collections and Discussion Lists for current reviewed information.


1.      Select Collections. A new set of menu selections appear on the left. This is a list of special interest areas, each specific to the topic.

2.      Select Literacy and Learning Disabilities.

3.      Select News About LD, here you find a listing of the current month's newest research and articles. Scroll up and down to view the current collection.

4.      Select Back  and return to the Learning Disabilities page.

5.      Select Teacher/Tutor, this contains the instructional information about LD relevant to teachers & tutors. Select Back and select Online Discussions.

6.      You will find a listing of archived information. Select 2001 Archived Discussions.

7.      This is a listing of existing comments and discussion on Learning Disabilities. You may sort it by author, thread or subject. Select author. The listing changes and so does the link you just selected, it now says date. This is the default for the discussion list sort.

8.      Select Subject. This gives you a listing by subject. As you scroll down you can select a subject that interests you. This may be the easiest way to find information quickly from this window.

9.      Scroll down and find a topic to preview.

10.  Select Back twice and return to the Learning Disabilities page.

11.  Select Living with LD, this will give you a listing of the articles for coping with a learning disability.

12.  Select Student/Learner , this brings up a list of Learning Disability topics for students.

13.  Select News & Events, this will bring up the Learning Disabilities Calendar.

14.  Select Manager/Administrator, this will bring up a list of resources for the Manager/Administrator.

15.  The items listed under Site Evaluation to offer input for improving this site.

16.  Select Glossary, to view several records that contain the most current terms being used in the field.

17.  Select Back to return to the starting Learning Disability page, select Collections to return to the original Special Collections page.

Each Special topic in the Special Collections group works similar the one above.

To discover what is currently being discussed in the field of Adult Literacy Education, explore the Online discussion button.

1.      Select Discussions.

2.      Scroll down the page and see what is currently being discussed on the LINCS site.

3.      Select the Description for the Family Literacy list.

4.      Select the Family Literacy link to view the archived discussions.

5.      Select 2001 NIFL Family Literacy to view more in the archive. These discussions can be sorted as the Special Collection Discussion, by thread, author, and subject.

6.      Select Back and return to the Discussion list.

7.      Select the Subscribe button. This will allow you to be added to the mailing list for this discussion group. Fill in the information and submit it.

8.      Select back and return to the discussion screen.

9.      The button below Subscribe allows you to Unsubscribe to a discussion list. Select this button to review.

10.  Select Search Archives, This will allow you to search through this discussion list for pertinent data for your research. Type in GED. You may limit the number of documents selected. Select the down arrow next to the Maximum Number of hits box and select 10.

11.  Select Search. A listing of 10 discussion entries will appear. Select several to read the data contained within. After you have finished, select Back to return to the Search page.

12.  Select Return to LINCS at the bottom of the page.

13.  Select Netiquette, This briefly describes the proper way to use the Discussion list.

14.  Select Home to return to the LINCS Home page. 

Information overwhelming at this point. Let's set up a MY LINCS page to help navigate through the information.

1.   Select My LINCS.

1.      Select Register.

2.      This is a form that will allow you to create a LINCS page that meets your interests and needs.

3.      Scroll down and enter the required information.

4.      When you have completed the form select Register at the bottom of the page. This will create a page just for you. Remember your ID and email address. Return to the Home page.

5.      To enter your MY LINCS, select My Lincs and enter your name and email address. Select login. This will bring up your special interests plus any added new material on the subject. This eliminates the needs to search the entire site for information.

6.      Select one of your special interests.

7.      This will bring up a full materials listing on this subject.

8.      Select Home and return to the LINCS Home page.

To review some of the newest web sites explore Hot Sites.

1.      Select Hot Sites. Click on About Hot Sites to read what Hot Sites is all about.

2.      Select Back to return to the Hot Sites Home page.

3.      Select Archives to view the Hot sites from previous years, select Back to return to the Hot Sites starting page.

4.      Select Back and return to the starting page for Hot Sites

5.      Select a site to preview, select the Read Comments button below the link. Read the comments and return to the start page.

6.      Select the link and review the page.

7.      When complete return to the start page for Hot sites and select the Make Comments button. Fill in your email address and rate the site. Select Send to enter the information. Select Back at the Thank you screen.

8.      Select Back to return to the Hot Sites start screen.

9.      Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the National LINCS button and return to the LINCS home page.

 To connect with regions across the country select a region on the bottom of the page.

1.      Scroll to the bottom of the page.

2.      Select Western LINCS. (green button)

3.      A page similar to the National LINCS page will appear. This is the regional site for The Western part of the country.

4.      The information on regional pages usually pertain to information to the region. When you select a link you can tell which source you have by looking at the banner color or location. If the site is using the National LINCS information The National LINCS banner will be displayed.

 New links to explore on a Region page:

1.      Programs & Activities.

2.      Submission Guidelines.

3.      Links to many state sites are found on the region's home page. Most are listed on the bottom of the site. You must scroll down the page to access.

4.      Links & Directories.


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