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Tutorial 2 - How to Search the LINCS System (Basic)

Here are some questions that can be answered by LINCS. Each question will be presented and then there will be instructions on how to find the answer using LINCS.

Searching the entire LINCS network.

1.      Select National LINCS button on the bottom of the page.

2.      Select the LINCSearch link in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

There are five areas listed to search:

Materials Search, Global Search, America's Literacy Directory, List Search & Grants Search.

3.      Select Global Search. In the Search for box type Assessment, to limit your search. Select which web sites you wish to search in the area beneath the search box. To search all, leave as is, select Search. It is advisable to limit the search by region. This is a more efficient way to search the site. Select National LINCS as your search site. Several  documents are found. You can browse to make a selection.

4.      Select Back to return to the search area, deselect National LINCS and select Midwest Region, select search. This time a different list of documents are found.

5.      Select Back to return to the search page.

6.      Scroll down the page and you will see listing of the literacy sites to search. Each has a link that will take you to the site if you need to do a more in-depth search of the site.

7.      Scroll back to the top of the page and select LINCSearch link at the top of the banner.

8.      Select Search Materials Search.

This searches the existing materials database found in LINCS. It is categorized by the ALT(Adult Literacy Thesaurus) so it is handy to have this criteria near when you do searches. This will help you find the correct terms quickly. The site has a link to the thesaurus. The thesaurus has been updated to improve user ease of use.

 To use the online thesaurus select the Literacy Thesaurus link.   

Search for Learner Assessment.

  1. Select A from the index to find the best word to use for assessment.
  2. Select Learner Assessment.
  3. You find from the thesaurus that assessment is the best term.
  4. Close the Thesaurus window with the X in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Type assessment in Search Term text box and select Show Results. 
  6. When you have completed your search select Back until you are on the search page.
  7. Select National LINCS to return to the HOME page for LINCS.

You have been out of the state for a month and want to catch up on late breaking literacy news in the nation.  How do you find the data and get caught up quickly?

1.      Select What's New on the left-hand side of the page. This will show you the latest news for the current month. As you scroll down notice each entry has a link; the link will take you to a more in-depth review of the news item. Select an entry of interest. 

2.      Select the Back button and return to the What's New page.

3.      Scroll down the page, you will notice two months' worth of events. At the bottom of the page you find a listing of Archived What's New.

4.      Select Archived 2000 What's New. This is a listing for the year 2000. Scroll through the page and then return to the top. You are curious. What is News Flashes?

5.      Select News Flashes from the left of the screen.

6.      This is a listing of recent articles that have appeared in newspapers or publications from around the country. A very quick way to find out what is happening.

7.      Scroll down and select an event that interests you.

8.      Select Back to return to the News Flashes page.

9.      Click the Home button in the banner.

 How do you know what is being planned for conferences and seminars in Adult Literacy?

1.      Select Calendar of Events. The current month appears. Each entry is a link to the event.

2.      Select an event you are interested in and move to that page for more information.

3.      Select Back and return to the Calendar of Events page.

4.      Each month can be viewed by selecting the arrow keys to the right or left of the month.

You want to see the next month's listing.

5.      Select the right  arrow button next to the month. You now have a listing for the next month.

6.      You may also search the Calendar for future events.

You want to find when the next COABE Conference is planned. 

7.      Type COABE in the Search for Keyword textbox. 

8.      Select the down arrow below the keyword textbox and select Whole Calendar. Click Search.

9.      COABE 2003 is listed. 

10.  To search for a topic:

11.  Type ESL as a keyword, select Search. This will give you all the listings that pertain to ESL.

12.  Scroll to the bottom of the page. Select the Return to Home Page link. This takes you to the NIFL Home page.

13.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the National LINCS button.

You need literacy statistics for the your region for a grant and don't know where to look. You are from Idaho.

1.      Select Facts & Statistics.

2.      Select Literacy Fact Sheets Overview to get an overall picture of literacy in America.

3.      Select Back to return to the Facts & Statistics page.

4.      Select State of Literacy in America.

5.      Read the explanation of the statistics found at this site so that you understand how they have been calculated.

6.      Select Database of Synthetic Estimates.

7.      Select Idaho from the state menu.

8.      Select State (overall) from the Area Type.

9.      Select Search and then select Idaho in the middle of the page.

10.  This will give you a listing of information about Idaho.

11.  Select Back 3 times, when you get to the Introduction page of Site select the Go to LINCS button

12.  Scroll to the bottom of the NIFL page and select National Lincs button.

You have been asked the about the latest issues in Literacy. You have also been asked to present this information to a meeting of literacy instructors. Now you need to gather data for this presentation.

1.      Select Policy & Legislation.

2.      Select each button on the left to browse through the legislative issue found on this site.

3.      Scroll to the bottom of the page. Notice there are links to Congress and other Legislators. A quick easy way to stay in touch with the people in Washington. 

4.      Select Home in the banner and return to the Home page for National LINCS.

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