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45 minutes

Barriers to Integration of Technology in the ABE Classroom - Lets' Talk

How you feel about technology in the classroom?

Possible reasons/barriers to technology in the classroom.

Overview of LINCS

System Overview 

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15 minutes


45 minutes

Resources found on the following pages:

Lesson Plans

Teacher Page

Student Page

Online Classroom Guides

Online Resources


English for All

CNN News

Randall's Cyber Listening

Workplace ESL



The Learning Edge

Read TV News

Build a Prairie

Casio Calculator

GED Practice Tests

The Northern Edge

TV - 411


Computer Resources

Basic 1-2-3 Computer Tutorials

Bubbles Typing Test


Printable Resources


PEACE Curriculum

Oregon ESL Family Lit.

Tennessee ESOL Curriculum

Worksheets for ESL



Florida GED Lessons

USA Today Lesson Plans

Casio Calculator

Reading Lessons (Literacy Cyberspace)

Practice Forms



Computer Resources

West Virginia Computer Cur.

Microsoft Lesson Plans


15 minutes

Fun Time! 


45 minutes

Explore on your own

Create a Classroom Activity using the LINCS Page

1. Student Page

2. On line Activity

3. Web-Bit

Share what you have created!!


15 minutes

Evaluation & Feedback

Session Evaluation

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