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NW LINCS EFF Awareness Training Agenda - 

Goals & Learning/Teaching Cycle


30 minutes

Overview of the NW LINCS Site

Home Page

LINCS Multimedia Site - English for All

Regional Room

GED Classroom - Florida Lesson Plans

ESL Classroom - Tennessee ESOL Curriculum Resource

El-Civics Classroom - Peace Curriculum

Computer Classroom - Visual Computer

Student Study Place - CNN - Learning Resources

Teacher ToolBox - KWL Teaching Strategies

45 minutes

Overview of the resources to be used in the Workshop:

  1. National LINCS Site


  2. EFF National LINCS Site 


  3. EFF Models/Lesson - NW LINCS Site

Discussion on how the above resources could be used in a classroom


Move to a Classroom for EFF Activity

15 minutes

Exploring EFF  & Lesson Plan Assignment

Hot Topics EFF

KWL Strategies

Explore 4 EFF Lesson Plans

Why are these lessons EFF?

15 minutes

Discussion about the assignment

10 minutes

What we have learned - Each member of the workshop will share one thing they have learned and will take into the classroom in the future.

5 minutes

Evaluation of the Workshop


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