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For more information on teaching technology competencies and technology-specific lesson plans see the resources listed below.  The resources are located on the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL) Technology Training Special Collection website under Teacher/Tutor Literacy Resources at 

The Technology Training Special Collection provides access to a variety of resources electronically.  At this site you can explore resources dealing with using technology in teaching and learning, developing technology based resources and training users on the LINCS system.  You will also discover professional development topics and current event information.  

ESL Computer Literacy

The purpose of this course is to equip ABE/ESL students with the computer skills needed to make a successful transition from ABE to higher academic studies at the community college level. This course will impart a foundational knowledge of the computer and its usage. It will instruct students in how to type, navigate the Windows environment, compose basic word processing documents, and use an Internet browser. It will increase a studentís confidence in working with computers and boost their ability to perform well on computer-based tests. ESL subjects are integrated into most of the lessons to promote improved language competency in reading, writing or listening.

Introducing the Internet and World Wide Web to Basic ABE Students

This lesson is designed for use with very basic ABE students (reading levels 2 to 4) who will need a lot of support and guidance throughout their introduction to the Internet so that they will not get frustrated by materials that they cannot read.

Introduction to the Personal Computer: This is the ON Button

This curriculum was designed to teach basic computer literacy skills and as a pre-requisite to the future publication Internet for the Absolute Beginner. Student handbooks and worksheets are available online but the Instructor Manual must be requested from the West Virginia Adult Basic Education Program.

CEC (Centennial Education Center) Technology Training

Click on the Workshops link to find Training Documentation (PDF) for Word, Excel, PowerPoint 97 and Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2000; Training for e-mail efficiency; Links to four PowerPoint tutorial sites; Mentor Projects and Products. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed. See Web Tools.


Internet 101 was created for those who want to know the basics. This guide provides the user with enough knowledge to have fun on the Internet. It contains basic lessons entitled: The Internet, The Web, Getting Started, Safe Surfing, Viruses, Browsers, Email Search, Locating Software, Newsgroups, Chat, E-Commerce, File Sharing Terminology, and Help. Discover how the Internet works. Learn the secrets of search engines. Have your questions answered and problems solved.

PBS Teacher Source, Technology & Training

2,500+ Lesson Plans and Activities: Art & Literature, Health & Fitness, Math, Science & Technology, Social Studies, and Early Childhood. Tutorials for Technology: Connecting Your Computer to the Web, Getting Online Step-By-Step, E-Mail, Web Basics, Plug-Ins, Downloading Files or Applications from the Web, Creating a Web Site in HTML, Graphics, PowerPoint Presentations, Hypercard/Hyperstudio Presentations, Multimedia Tutorials, Multimedia Copyright, and Video Teleconferencing.

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