Level C Lesson Plans

Lesson Number Lesson Plan and Description Handout Worksheet


Demonstrate an Understanding of a Computer's Desktop, Filing Systems and Drives

Handout 1 - Lesson C1

Handout 2 - Lesson C1



Retrieve an Existing Document Handout 1 - Lesson C2  


Edit an Existing Document - Change Margins Handout 1 - Lesson C3a   
C3b Edit an Existing Document - Line Spacing, Alignment, Tab Settings Handout 1 - Lesson 3b   
C3c Edit an Existing Document - Copy & Paste Text Handout 1 - Lesson 3c  
C3d Edit an Existing Document - Cut & Paste Text  Handout 1 - Lesson 3d  
C3e Edit an Existing Document - Delete Text    
C4 Use Spell Check and Correct Errors in a Document    
C5 Save a File as a New Document    
C6 Create a Simple Table Handout 1 - Lesson C6

Worksheet 1 - Lesson C6

Worksheet 2 - Lesson C6

C7 Create a FAX Cover Sheet & Demonstrate the Procedures for Using a FAX Machine

Handout 1 - Lesson C7

Handout 2 - Lesson C7

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