Lesson Plan Format

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Lesson Number . Competency Title


(Lesson Objective)


Lesson Duration: How much time the lesson will approximately entail.


Pre-Instruction: What does the instructor nee to do to prepare for the lesson/class? What does the instructor need to create/prepare?


Materials Needed: What equipment or materials are needed to present the lesson?


Learning Objective: What should the learners be able to do as a result of the teaching? What skills are to be demonstrated and in what manner?



Anticipatory set "hook" (motivation) -  to focus learners’ attention on the lesson.

Input - provide information needed for learners to gain skill.

Modeling - Instructor shows learners examples of what is expected as an end product of their work.

Checking for understanding - (Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives)


Practice: Opportunity for each learner to demonstrate grasp of the skill by working through an activity or exercise under the instructor’s direct supervision. The instructor moves around the room to determine the level of mastery and to provide individual remediation as needed.


Evaluation: Asking each learner to demonstrate mastery. The purpose of this session. The handouts are not substitutes for instructor lead delivery and monitoring of learner skill attainment.


Closure: Review and clarify the key points of the lesson.


Vocabulary: Key words for understanding concepts and functions.


Resources: Supplemental sources


Instructor Comments: Made by the lesson author based upon experience delivering the lesson in a classroom environment.


Instructor Reflections: Made by the lesson author, however space provided so that an instructor can add his/her comments after delivering the lesson.


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